and drawing

Sylvestre Guené

Painter/artist, teaches at the Académie des Arts d’Avignon and the Avignon School (decorative painting for historical preservation), 

specialist in large canvas work for shows but also trompe d’oeil, patina coatings, imitation wood and marble painting.



The workshop can be shaped to meet individual needs.  Nothing is set in advance - you choose your subject; it could begin with 

a documentary study or focus on the simple basics of perspective, understanding of shadow and light, etc.  As the project unfolds,

you will advance and reach your personal goals.


All material will be furnished (paper, drawing pencils, paints and canvas)


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions :

Dates/Length: Weekends 180 €

3 day stays : 270 €

5 day stays 400 €

Beginning June 2020 through September