Sculpting Stone and Clay Modeling Workshop

Led by Eveline Kuhlman

Degrees in stone carving and sculpting (wood, stone, clay)

Freelancer for  companies in charge with heritage restauration and stage building throughout France, The Netherlands and the United States. Sculpting instructor at the Académie des Arts d'Avignon since 2015.

Organization :  

Throughout the workshop, I will provide the tools, material in stone and clay, and bring my  full artistic and professional experience to accompany your initiation and development in clay  modeling or sculpture.  You are encouraged to create your own project.  Before the workshop,  we can communicate by email in order to clarify your experience, your goals, and the project  that you would like to undertake.


 Stone and earth have required thousands of years for their formation.  We will approach their  history therefore with respect and bring patience and an open mind to working with these  materials.  Sculpture is an art that reveals itself slowly and meticulously, one that invites us  to express ourselves in a similar revelation.


Dates/Length:  Weekends, 3 or 5 day stays

Beginning June 2018 through September